A Lot To Learn From Narendra Modi’s Twitter Campaign That Went To His 12.5 Million Followers

So Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has completed one year and while BJP can do all PR/buy print/TV ads, his social media campaign is truly remarkable.

Today, Narendra Modi’s twitter handle has sent a DM (direct message) to all of his 12.5 million followers.

The link opens up a personalized message (personalized using the handle’s first name)

Narendra Modi's Personalized Message
Narendra Modi’s Personalized Message

Apart from a creative thinking (of sending an automated-yet-personalized) DM to all (with different background), this needs a lot of orchestration among different teams (imagine mixing up the names!) and surely a great way to reach followers and remind them of the message.

For corporates who are struggling with social media strategy, this is surely a good case study of personalizing the message and creating a bigger impact than just spamming.