A Lot To Learn From Narendra Modi’s Twitter Campaign That Went To His 12.5 Million Followers

So Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has completed one year and while BJP can do all PR/buy print/TV ads, his social media campaign is truly remarkable.

Today, Narendra Modi’s twitter handle has sent a DM (direct message) to all of his 12.5 million followers.

The link opens up a personalized message (personalized using the handle’s first name)

Narendra Modi's Personalized Message
Narendra Modi’s Personalized Message

Apart from a creative thinking (of sending an automated-yet-personalized) DM to all (with different background), this needs a lot of orchestration among different teams (imagine mixing up the names!) and surely a great way to reach followers and remind them of the message.

For corporates who are struggling with social media strategy, this is surely a good case study of personalizing the message and creating a bigger impact than just spamming.


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  1. 1. I am simply questioning your “sources” for this information. On what basis have you assumed people were surprised? did you go through the tweets using the hashtag Modi promoted in the tweet?
    Even if I get a postcard from Modi I will not be surprised because Modi sarkar spends Crs. on media buying.
    2. Again how have you assumed engagement? what was the CTR on the DMs? what was the time spent on the landing page?
    3. It does. When you spend as much as Modi on acquiring followers and amass a big base the Twitter team personally meets with your team and comes up with “innovative” ideas for you.
    4. You don’t need to work in a big team to figure this, simply have a brain to wonder how it would be algorithmically possible to “personalize” messages to millions of followers, e.g. have say 10 variations sent out in random. It’s not like they created a new design for each DM.

    P.S.: I hope you know that this was probably done privately because of the negative press received when Sachin had done a similar “RT” campaign mentioning unique handles in each. Problem was that on twitter people have names like ch*tiya etc. which ended up being signed off by Sachin.

  2. 1. This isn’t spamming because people were pleasently surprised to get a DM from PM himself. Anybody who does the same strategy after this will be called a spammer.
    2. A good case study for corporates because the first question they ask is ‘what is the RoI’. social is not just about RoI. it’s about engaging.
    3. well – figure out (money doesn’t solve all the problems – creative thinking does)
    4. well – i am not sure if you have worked in big teams and the politics/decision delays associated with it. something like this needs to be orchestrated across, content, design, infra and tech team – how many social campaigns you have seen stand the same scale and effectiveness.
    5. I am not.

  3. How is this not spamming?
    How is this a good case study for corporates struggling with social media strategy?
    How does one even automate at such scale? (without monies)
    How does this need orchestration?, its as simple as a “personalized emailer”.
    How are you a writer?

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