5 ways NaMo is using Technology to change election campaigning in India

Narendra Modi, the Chief Minister of Gujarat who is fighting to keep his crown in the coming elections, is one of the most polarising figures Indian politics has ever seen. Like it is said about a few, hate him or love him, you just can’t ignore him. Why? Because he makes it difficult to do so.

Modi is perhaps one of the few Indian politicians who has embraced technology like no other. From Facebook, Twitter and now on 3D, the politician spares no efforts to be heard. Here’s a look at 5 ways he is using technology for his election campaign. Gujarat goes to poll on Wednesday.

1. Multiplicity in 3D: On Tuesday, Modi addressed people in 52 different places in Gujarat and launched into his anti – Congress tirade. This is the first time any politician has used 3D technology for a political campaign in India. True that Modi spent a lot of money on the campaign, but the novelty of the campaign was such that even housewives left their tele serials to watch 3D for the first time.

2. Modi hangs out: In yet another first for an Indian politician, Modi hung out on Google + and answered questions from followers. The 2 hour video broadcast in September on Google+ was watched by 82,000 people live on Youtube from 116 countries. Modi has more than 3 lakh people in his G+ circles. In a week from the hangout, the video got nearly 555,000 views. Modi followers claim that this is more the 712,000 views US President Barack Obama’s hangout witnessed in 9 months.

3. Twit for tat: In October, Narendra Modi crossed 1 million followers on Twitter. He got more than 100,000 followers in barely a month. Even if nearly half of them are fake, its still a big number. Modi baits his opponents on Twitter quite frequently, shares videos and posts instances from his campaign trail. He also has an unofficial twit army which readily lynches anyone trying to bring their leader down.

4. Live streaming online: Modi streams his speech and other important events on his website live. Modi lovers get to see hear him in his true avatar without the Television anchors trying to comment on everything he does. He puts up his campaign schedule online for everyone to see.

5. Facebooking on the campaign trail: Modi has over 1 million fans on his Facebook page and engages with his audience quite frequently. Here, he posts videos, pictures and excerpts from his speeches. His Facebook cover is neatly designed with links to his YouTube, Twitter, Blog and Updates. Its all neatly organized.

Narendra Modi’s Facebook Cover

The massive online presence may not translate into a lot of direct votes but if the idea is to spread the message, its being well done. Offline methods like using 3D is pulling the crowd while his competitors huff and puff to get around constituencies.

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