NASA Is Releasing The First Photos Of Pluto’s Surface Exclusively On Instagram

NASA has teamed up with photo sharing app Instagram to debut the first surface images of Pluto as the US space agency looks to engage younger tech-savvy audiences.

NASA New Horizons

Instagram will get an hour-long head start on the first image of Pluto which will be posted at 7am ET before releasing it along with the science explaining the image on at 8am ET.

NASA isn’t new to Instagram either. Some of its latest photos have over one hundred thousand likes and the account has over 3.5 million followers.

By giving Instagram users an exclusive sneak peak at Pluto’s surface photos, NASA is hoping to make a much larger audience aware of its discoveries and major debuts.

Instagram has 300mn users and the move is also a big win for it as people who’re eager to share the photo won’t just be sending a link to friends, but bringing others onto its platform.

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