Natero helps SAAS companies with their customer success management

Customer Success has grown in importance both as a position and a domain amongst SAAS companies. For those who’re unaware, Customer Success relates to helping customers ‘succeed’ with the product – thereby increasing their lifetime value to the company. Natero is a platform that they say has been built specifically to meet the challenges of Customer Success managers and has been designed to be data-centric.


Natero was founded on the premise that modern SaaS businesses need actionable data in the hands of Customer Success professionals.

Natero helps Customer Success Managers prevent churn, increase account expansion, and manage more customers with less effort.

Mountain View, CA

About the founding team :

Craig Soules is CEO and Co-founder of Natero with over a decade of experience working on databases, information retrieval, storage and distributed systems.

Craig received his Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon, and afterward spent 6 years at HP Labs leading research and development on a distributed database.

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