Natero helps SAAS companies with their customer success management

Customer Success relates to helping customers ‘succeed’ with the product – thereby increasing their lifetime value to the company. It has grown in importance both as a position and a domain amongst SAAS companies.

Natero is a be data-centric platform ,built specifically to meet the challenges of ‘Customer Success Managers’. It was founded on the premise that modern SaaS businesses need actionable data in the hands of Customer Success professionals.

Natero helps Customer Success Managers prevent churn, increase account expansion, and manage more customers with less effort.


Location : Mountain View, California, USA
About the founding team : Craig Soules ,CEO & Co-founder and GARTH GOODSON ,Founder & CTO

Craig has over a decade of experience working on databases, information retrieval, storage and distributed systems. He received his Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon, and afterward spent 6 years at HP Labs leading research and development on a distributed database.


Garth has been building complex distributed systems for over 14 years.

After receiving his Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon, Garth spent 8 years at NetApp as the founding member of the Advanced Technology Group within the CTO’s Office. While there, he spent his time researching, prototyping, and transferring new technologies to product. These topics ranged from Parallel NFS (pNFS), object-based content repositories, flash layout design, and policy-based management of data via tiering.


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