India to setup National Cyber Coordination Centre to Scan Tweets, Facebook Status Updates and Emails.

After winning the Blackberry case (as the company has setup its servers in India), the Indian government has now gone a step further by setting up an internet scanning agency which will seek to monitor all web traffic passing through internet service providers in the country.

The scanning agency to be called National Cyber Coordination Centre (NCCC), will issue ‘actionable alerts’ to government departments in cases of perceived security threats (via).

The government is planning to invest about INR 800 crore in the setup and wants to ensure that all tweets, Facebook status updates, emails are scanned by the agency.

Also, as we shared earlier, the Indian Government plans to track mobile phone users realtime.

Big brother? Sometimes we wonder whether dealing with Kasab in a more timely and strict manner would have saved those INR 800 Crores that government will spend in setting up an infrastructure like this (which, in all probability will be anything but world class).

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