National Mobile Phone Directory Service Approved by Indian Government – Times, they are a changing!

Indian government has approved NIDQS (National Integrated Directory Enquiry Service), which means that information on (any) mobile number will be accessible via a 5-digit directory service.

Government has accepted TRAI recommendations (issued in 2008)

  • All fixed line customers can have a opt out facility , which means their number will be excluded only if they specifically say so
  • All mobile customers will have an opt-in facility , which means their numbers wil be included only if they say so
  • The integrated service provider will have FDI limit of 74%
  • The minimum bid price, as recommended by TRAI was Rs1 crore
  • As far as revenue sharing is concerned, operator will pay 1% of the revenue as part of the revenue share agreement with the government
  • Only one service provider will be given the licence to provide the enquiry service. (via)

Mobiles in India are the Unique Identifiers
Mobiles in India are the Unique Identifiers

Telecom operators have earlier opposed the move, so only time will tell who/why/what is going to be implemented.

Also, what would be the impact on local search services is something that we need to watch out for.

What’er it is, the only thing that’s sure is that times, they are a changing ( taking ballsy steps!)

What’s your opinion?

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