National Vehicle Security and Tracking System to Install Security Cameras, Panic Button & GPS in Public Vehicles

In the light of many gruesome sexual offences against women, the Indian government is planning to install video recorders, GPS and panic buttons in public transport vehicles in 32 cities at a cost of Rs 1400 cr.

The government is calling it the National Vehicle Security & Tracking System. At the state level, it will also implement city command and control center to monitor these video feeds.

The idea is to map and track public vehicles, highlight violations, install a panic button, and provide better public safety to women, the government said.

National Vehicle Security and Tracking System & Data Security 

A sense of being watched will definitely bring down cases of molestation and other sexual offences that take place in public transport vehicles.  However, we fear that in the absence of strict privacy laws, videos and data could be put to wrongful use. Unauthorized surveillance and stalking is prevalent in India.

The recent scandal, which revealed that video footage of couples making out on the Delhi Metro had hit major porn websites, highlights the fact that authorities can’t be blindly trusted with these things.

It’s the privacy vs security debate all over again.