Naukri to launch FirstNaukri..Why not focus on Career?

Naukri is launching FirstNaukri, a recruitment site for freshers offering entry level jobs.

FirstNaukri will tie-up with colleges and will enable candidates to apply for jobs/post resumes via the website (source)

Thanks to recession, the job market in general is on the downward spiral and Info Edge’s growth projection is much lower than the earlier qtr – initiatives like these are meant to capture specific markets (campus placement is one of the most affected from the US slowdown) and hopefully revive InfoEdge’s revenues.


The BIG Question: Career vs. Naukri?

Naukri is heavily focused on jobs and to me, that’s one aspect of the market. The real big play is in the career space – which spans more than jobs.

I guess, InfoEdge is diluting too much in the ‘naukri’ space and might just get linkedin to capture the ‘career’ space (LinkedIn has a mn user base from India)

For instance, InfoEdge already has 4 offerings in career space: shiksha, brijj, asknaukri and of course, naukri.

So, why launch another portal? Why not integrate with Shiksha – Isnt’ first job part of one’s career decision? Or even have first job section as a microsite to

Moreover, where is the network building up, when you have brijj and naukri – all under different logins? Serving different intents (which are so tightly connected)?

Such launches can keep the sensex buzzing, but in the long run, creating so many brands is a challenge.

What’s your opinion?

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