Navteq Launches India Map – We Take it for a Ride (come fly with us)

Navteq has launched map service in India (link) and the map integrates local search as well as direction route (traffic data is available only for US).

Navteq offers PoIs (i.e. Point of Interests, e.g. Hotels/Restaurants/Car service/Parking etc) along the routes and is looking for advertisers who wants to showcase their brands/services in these rotes (we covered their location based advertisements initiative)

The visual representation leaves a lot to be desired – the entire map looks cluttered, but what takes the cake is quality of data – better in some of the categories, and matches competition for most of them.

Fire a query or hover to any of the location and you can find PoIs near that location.

You can filter the route based on certain criteria’s – travel via vehicle/pedestrian route, fastest vs. shortest route, whether you want to avoid toll roads/avoid highways/junctions etc.

Like other map services, you can also add another location and recreate the route as well.

Best part?

You can fly the route!! Click on ‘Start Flight’ link in the ‘Route Summary’ section and Navteq actually walks you through the entire route (animated, turn-by-turn driving direction), something that a Bangalore based startup Vidteq has been working on as well.

This is quite a big deal, since it takes care of several of the PoIs and competes with landmark based driving direction services as well.

Opportunities? Brands would love to advertise on these routes and that will open up a completely new advertising opportunity in this space.

Do check out Navteq and share your opinion.

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