Navteq launches Indoor Navigation in India [Last Meter Guidance]

Searching for a shoe store in a mall? Well, Navteq has launched indoor navigation maps in India that features a unique set of interior map attributes (e.g., escalators, elevators) with detailed place data to enable users to navigate and explore indoor spaces.navteq

“NAVTEQ Destination Maps are designed to enhance the consumer shopping experience by enabling the creation of applications that facilitate “internal” direct routes to stores, ATM’s, exits etc, whilst providing detailed information about Points of Interest (POI) and improved search functionality. Typical navigation solutions today guide users to where a destination is approximately located.  Navigation to a shopping mall, for example, takes a user to the closest location to a listed address on the road network, while in reality the final destination for the user could be a shoe store on the second floor of the mall.  Destination Maps addresses this need of “last meter guidance” by guiding the user all the way to the shoe store.”

Navteq’s Destination Maps is currently available in 150 malls across 17 cities.

Navteq has also expanded its coverage of Indian cities by over 80%, including over 1.28 million kilometers of road network and 6.25 million Points of Interest and recently launched real time traffic in India

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