Navteq Launches Location Based Ads (Bring that to India)


Navteq Launches Location Based Ads (Bring that to India)

Navteq has launched location based advertising (termed LocationPoint™) in European market that offers advertisers a unique distribution channel to push their ads based on customer’s location.

Navteq LocationPoint is platform independent and can be utilized with any connected portable navigation device or mobile phone application to deliver relevant and interactive advertising to end users.  LocationPoint advertising provides rich ad creatives including calls to action like “click to search,” “click to call,” “click to navigate” and “click to coupon.”  Two-way cellular communication enables full reporting back to the advertiser allowing campaigns to be optimized for maximum return on investment.- source

While this service has been launched in Europe, I see a huge uptake for similar service in India. And not because nobody else can do it, but because Nokia (acquired Navteq) has a cozy relationship with operators and services like these can easily be pushed to consumers (operators hold the key to cell ids, which is much needed to find out user location).

Infact, location based advertisements could be the next wave of monetization for local search market / navigation space in India.

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