Navteq to Power Microsoft’s Live Map Data

Microsoft India recently launched map product (supports driving directions, business listing/PoI searches as well as local search) and Microsoft has now announced that Navteq will supply map data for Microsoft’s Live Search Map in India.

The partnership will enable MS to bring features like business lookup, category browsing, 1-click directions which provides instant directions to a destination from most major routes and the capability to share maps and direction through Microsoft Office Outlook [source]

Navteq was acquired by Nokia and Nokia too has launched 6210 Navigator that has an integrated in-map compass for pedestrian guidance.

Players like SatNav/MapMyIndia are trying out different mechanisms to collect the lat/long data of PoIs:

To be very frank, none of the players in India have great navigational data and Nokia’s Navteq stands a strong chance owing to Nokia’s alliance with operators (cell ids)

Is Navteq collecting lat/long data in India (feet-on-street?) or are they partnering with somebody else?

Any tips?

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