NCR based BigBite brings smaller restaurants online

In the recent years, the startup community has been extra gracious to the foodies. Where once upon a time, pleasing ones gastronomical senses required a visit to a restaurant  or at least call for a takeaway, now all that is required is a mouse click.

Delhi duo Himanshu and Sajal, take the experience a step ahead by their venture BigBite, which aims to be the one stop place for online food ordering (offers features like menus from restaurants and ordering  food online).

In comparison to other existing options, the focus here  is on small eating joints apart from high end restaurants. The idea is to catalogue a pan Delhi listing of restaurants which can deliver food and provide a richer experience to the consumer and drive the sales of the small joints.

Currently operating only in the Delhi NCR, BigBite gets a vast majority of its sales from Noida and the Gurgaon region. Which apart from having the maximum number of user base also boasts of a large number of the restaurant listing for the platform. The interface suffers from the lack of a visual flair but it gets the job done. Apart from the usual choice of  narrowing down the search via the location or cuisine, the items are added to a virtual cart followed by checkout for the purchase.

First time users would need to sign-up and add their address details for the delivery of food and currently all the payment would be via cash-on-delivery to the employee of the eating joint. But by the end of this month BigBite will launch a mobile ready website and would start accepting payments on both the mobile and the desktop.

BigBite: Restaurant Menus
BigBite: Restaurant Menus

The bootstrapped venture takes typically around 10% of the transaction made, as a means of its revenue stream and they are betting big on the new wave of ordering food online.

They are soon launching campaigns across colleges in North Campus, IIT Delhi and institutions in Noida for the brand awareness. The company is working on the B2B model as well and will integrate with corporates to make ordering of all the food via BigBite. According to co-founder Himanshu Garg, this would solve the pain points of tracking the food expenditure of overtime employees easier for reimbursement and also provide incentives in the form of reward points for the food they order anyway.

There are number of services out there, which apart from having a multi-city presence also dabble in things like table reservation. But where BigBite scores well,  is its focus on small eating joints, the ones which remain hidden from  mainstream listings.

If you are in NCR region, do give BigBite a bite and share your experience.

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