Indian Politicians don’t give a damn to NDNC

The very existence of NDNC has been questioned by the govt. and it seems politicians have called the final blow by spamming 60 million cellphone users

Delhi alone witnessed about 5 million SMSes sent out by each of the main parties in the fray. And many messages were sent without scrubbing the Do Not Call (DNC) Registry list (interestingly, Airtel blocked MyToday citing same reasons!)

While One97 and Valuefirst disagrees and says that the numbers were scrubbed against DNC database, political parties do not seem to worry about these ‘minor’ issues (as DNC has no mechanism to deal with non-telemarketing operators, which in this case is politicians).

If a public interest litigation is filed against them the parties may have to shell out lot of money as compensation. Taking an average of Rs 1,000 per incident, for just about one crore SMSes (far more were sent out), the size of the penalty on political parties reaches to about Rs 1,000 crore! – ET

Only if we wake up and smell the coffee – till October, there were only 18 million subscribers for NDNC (and supposedly, we have 300mn subscribers)

We are deliberating on this technical issue as anybody can send any anti-national SMS to a large population and get away by just discarding the SIM [TRAI]

The confusion continues – and so does spam.


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