We Need Your Feedback [Participate in Defining the Next Version of NextBigWhat]

We look forward to hearing from you. Do participate in shaping the next version of NextBigWhat !!

Over the last few years, NextBigWhat has grown phenomenally well and now that we are working on the next *version*, we would like to know your candid/honest feedback.hearing

At the core, NextBigWhat is all about community – we owe the entire growth to the awesome community of readers/critics we have (till date, we haven’t spent any money on advertising).

Please tell us how we can improve.

What are the other sections you’d like us to focus on? New formats we should try?

What sort of conferences you expect from us? Are you satisfied with the current quality of conferences in India (not just from NextBigWhat, but overall industry-wide)?

We look forward to hearing from you (please note : there are only 2 mandatory fields in the feedback form).

Please do participate in shaping the next version of NextBigWhat !!

– Ashish, on behalf of NextBigWhat team.
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