NEN explains the goofup..but is still a goofup

After our post regarding NEN using name to nominate startups, Livemint interviewed NEN’s Laura Parkin regd. the goofups and here is an excerpt from the interview:

LiveMint: What was the issue with source attribution to while nominating a start-up?

Laura: That was a very early glitch because we were so scared of not giving people credit. I’m sure we’ve looked at companies all over India, we’ve also been in touch with CII, contacted management and trade associations. was not a partner. The company was indeed sourced from and we accidentally sent (an) email out saying had nominated them. We falsely attributed something to (Ashish Sinha, chief editor of that he did not do. The minute we realized this was a mistake, we wrote back to the entrepreneur and to Ashish. Now what we’re doing is unless people say you must attribute it to me, we’re just taking it as general nomination.

Our take:

  • So NEN is saying that the entire attribution goofup happened with only 1 startup? In reality, there were more – how does NEN explains that?
    As a FYI – they haven’t yet sent emails to the other startups (till date).
  • Most important – Dis-respecting creative commons license:
    So, NEN contacted CII and others for startup directory, but GENERALLY felt that lifting directory from is just okay? Our credit policy is clearly laid out and looks like NEN didn’t give a damn to that.

I don’t want to stretch this issue as negativity soaks energy, but couldn’t help replying to NEN’s fabricated reply (and by the way, they also ‘planted’ a blogger to get the list of startups who were referenced from and later withdrew nomination)..

90 paise (2 cents) worth of advice to startups: Govt. of India is mulling over a decision to ban kids to participate in reality shows – now, I know where are these kids heading to!
As far as adults (startups) are concerned, they are busy improving their product offerings.

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