NEN using’s Name to Nominate Startups?

This is damn unprofessional on NEN’s part to use’s brand name to run a campaign like this (without even informing us!)

Look at this (click for larger resolution):

For obvious reason, I have marked startup name with a marker.

Email Content that was sent to startup

Subject of the email: WWW.PLUGGD.IN has nominated <startup name> for TATA NEN Hottest Startups Awards!



Congratulations! Your startup <startup name>has been nominated by WWW.PLUGGD.IN for the TATA NEN Hottest Startups Awards.


For records, I have never been to NEN Hotteststartups page – and won’t nominate one for an event, which has taken a spammer route.

In my opinion, market will eventually chose what a hot startup is. Using these ‘reality tv’ styled voting is simply a waste of startups’ time. But then, I leave that to organizers and startups to figure out.

Each one to himself.

For startups, my 2 cents of advice – Focus on Execution.

And before you press that ‘Please vote for us’ button, understand the difference between cheap marketing/ spam vs. long-term branding (see this cool dude who has even had a press release!)

If you are a startup and have received an email like this from NEN, please email me (anonymity assured) – I need to understand whats happening here.

An email has been sent to Laura for clarifying on these points.

Update from Laura:

Hi Ashish,


Am not sure how this would have happened. We do give people a choice of which organization they can attribute their nomination towards, but since is not a partner, I didn’t think that we gave people that alternative.

We’ll immediately check this out, and make sure that no one attributes any nominations to

We only send out these mails to the entrepreneur if someone has nominated a startup, and claimed association with a particular organization. We do this to be sure that the organizations get the right credit for the nomination.

Will let you know what happened here. And of course immediately change the attribution of this particular nomination.



I am seriously not sure how attribution is linked to these emails – these emails are sent by NEN people . Right?

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