Netflix Launches In India! Priced At Rs. 500 per month

Streaming service, Netflix has finally launched in India starting with Rs. 500/package.

Netflix Launched In India
Netflix Launched In India

While Netflix hasn’t yet announced its telecom partnership, we expect Airtel to be the chosen one. Netflix directly competes with Hotstar, Boxtv, Eros and Spuul.

As far as Netflix price in India goes, the company has priced it at pretty much the standard US rates (Rs. 500 per month for access on 1 SD screen and Rs. 650 for 2 SD screen).

Netflix India Pricing

Netflix India Pricing
Netflix India Pricing

The announcement was made at CES 2016.

As an aside, we seriously think that this launched will surely hit the VPN product sales from India!

  1. Criteria for Netflix to succeed in India..

    1. Indian Isp’s offering 5mbps unlimited broadband for reasonable pricing.
    2. Same content availability in India like in US without censoring.

  2. They got pricing wrong.
    To make price equivalent to that of US , it should have used PPP/ bug nac index which is about 23 Rs.
    It’s same strategy as a person earning 100k per year in US won’t get 100k x 65 in India , it will be around 100 x 23 k

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