‘Netflix Is Looking To Add Bollywood And Anime Shows’: Reed Hastings

At a recent conference held in New York City, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings assured that the company is looking to add “Bollywood-style shows” and Anime, aimed at foreign markets.

Netflix will showcase an astounding 400 scripted TV series to its streaming service by 2016.

“You go beyond the normal spectrum to get quality. We’re hopeful that we’ll over time make a great Bollywood show, make a great anime show. It might not be that that Bollywood show is for [Showtime CEO] Matt Blank. It might be that it’s more segmented, but again the internet let’s you do that. I think that’s the key in that enablement. But as Matt knows, making these shows is very challenging and I’m sure we’ll have issues over time,” said Hastings during the conference.


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