Networkplay Acquires yoCAPTCHA

Networkplay has announced the acquisition of yoCAPTCHA, the advertising platform by Innovese. This new move will bring Innovese co-founders, Ankit Gupta and Dhruv Sogani, on board Networkplay. Dhruv Sogani will be heading Business Development at Networkplay and Ankit Gupta will join as Head of Technology.yocaptcha

Innovese launched their product yoCAPTCHA back in 2011, as a CAPTCHA advertising platform. The service helps in transforming difficult to read CAPTCHAs into ad units. In a years time the company had over 100 publishers on board and over a billion CAPTCHA impressions.

The service offers a range of CAPTCHA units based on various formats like interactive game/activity, video, Animations etc.

Back in March 2102, the publishing division of European media conglomerate Bertelsmann AG, Gruner + Jahr, had acquired a majority stake in Networkplay. Gruner + Jahr made this investment as a move to build its digital business in India.

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