New additions to the Indian Startup Directory: Unleash Networks, MQuotient, Chaupaati..and More

The Indian startup directory is going big with new additions and here are a few interesting startups:

  • Unleash Networks Provides innovative products in the area of security and network analysis. Their flagship product Unsniff Network Analyzer is the first to introduce advanced features like full stream analysis, advanced PDU analysis, and the ability to extract interesting pieces of information from observed traffic.
    Have recently launched a major open source project called Trisul.
  • MQuotient
    MQuotient Solutions Ltd. is a product-based tech start-up building software products for the niche area of Marketing Analytics. The IIM alumnus startup aims at moving the advertising on traditional mediums from being “impression” based to “impact” based.
  • Chaupaati
    Mumbai based startup (lead investment from Anand Rajaram, Founding Partner of Cambrian Ventures), Chaupaati is experimenting with a variety of BTL (below the line) advertising for seeding consumers for its phone classifieds.
    The  team is experimenting with second hand exchanges too.

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