“In response to the new Facebook guidelines…” wall post is a hoax. Stop spreading it.

Ever since Facebook proposed change in its guidelines, you’d have seen wall posts saying that by declaring content on your Facebook account is yours, you’d forbid Facebook from using it for other purposes by law.

That’s just wild rumor someone started. And its spreading like wildfire. That post isn’t going to save you if Facebook decides to use your content.

The good part is that the folks at Hoax-Slayer and Snopes have been busting the myth.

According to Hoax Slayer,

The message is utter nonsense. The supposed “Privacy Notice” has no legal standing of any kind and posting it on Facebook will do nothing whatsoever to protect the privacy of users. Re-posting this message will do nothing other than spread misinformation and clutter Facebook with even more pointless garbage.

A detailed analysis can be found here.

The folks at Snopes say that the claims of protecting your copyright on Facebook by posting this notice on your wall is similar to an item which circulated several years ago which said that posting a similar notice would protect the site operator from prosecution for piracy. Both claims were erroneous, said Sopes. “The law just doesn’t work that way,” it says.

The real choices you have is to either decline to sign up for a Facebook account, negotiate a modified policy with Facebook or cancel your account.