Flipkart Has A New Logo [Do You Like It?]

Gone is the shopping cart with wheels and in comes the shopping bag. Flipkart is rejigging its brand identity, starting with the debut of its new logo, as the battle for supremacy in the Indian e-commerce space heats up even further.


Conceptualised and designed by its in-house design team and Umbrella Design – the new logo is all about showing off Flipkart’s focus on mobile. Apparently the new logo’s 3D design and contrasting colours help it stand out on the mobile platform.

Rising above the marketing mumbo jumbo, the new logo is synonymous with shopping – it’s a bag – and that’s quite important as the company is pushing to serve people in the hinterlands of our country.

Further, the new logo also allows the Flipkart app to be instantly recognizable as a shopping app when resting on a smartphone’s home screen or app drawer. The visual movement too in the older logo depicting speed has been retained with a distorting ‘f’ in the new one.

The company says that the new branding will be reflected in all forms of its messaging so that customers, sellers, media, brand partners, vendors or employees perceive it as ‘One Flipkart’.

All in all, as the e-commerce market in India gets more crowded, it’s all the more important for a brand to stick out yet make it easier for customers to recognize it instantly. While the new logo is a stark departure from the old one, we see ourselves getting used to it pretty quickly.

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