New IITs a Disaster

Not me, but it’s PM’s scientific adviser, C N Rao who says this

“Opening so may IITs in one year is a disaster. I had no idea that so many IITs have already come up in our country.This is not a play. To open IITs, you need proper planning. There are makeshift campuses and some are even attending classes in old IITs” [ET]

6 new IITs (in Orissa, Bihar, Rajasthan, Punjab and Andhra Pradesh) were started last year (totaling the number to 13) and as expected, govt. is least interested in keeping a quality check on these IITs.

Infact, the most significant challenge with older IITs was the lack of incentives for professors to stick around – the widening gap between academics and industry too leaves no room for even alumni’s to go back and teach.

The older IITs faced these challenges (and let me share that many of the amazing professors have retired and the newer breed is just not capable enough), and newer ones will just add to the mediocrity that’s creeping in the system.

Thanks to our politicians.

What’s your opinion?

On a non-serious note; if IIT + T = 0, what is ‘I’? (used to be a ragging question! quite silly though.) – any guesses?

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