Guess the New iPad (Unofficial) Price in India?

The ‘hot’ (literally) new iPad is not officially available in India yet, but ecommerce stores have already started selling the products and guess what the price of new iPad in India is?

  • 16GB Wifi-only version costs INR 69,990/ (discounted price is INR 59990/)
  • 16GB Wifi + 4G costs INR 79,999, though Rediff is selling at INR 59990/
  • 32GB WiFI-only costs INR 79,999 (discounted price INR 69,990/)
  • 32GB WiFI + 4G costs INR 89,990 (discounted price INR 64,990/)
  • 64GB Wifi-only costs INR 89,990 (discounted price is INR 79990)
  • 64GB Wifi+4G costs only INR 94,999 (discounted price is INR 84,999). [via]
The new iPad price in india
The new iPad price in india

Ofcourse, these are unofficial prices and will vary from store to store, but if you are really keen on buying the new iPad, we recommend you to go to US (won’t that be a cheaper option?) or simply get it from your friends who are coming back to India.

If you are an Apple fan, do tell us if you are ready to bite the new iPad?

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