New launches: AllCheckDeals, iMobizo

InfoEdge has launched AllCheckDeals, online real estate brokerage service that offers full check (cheque) property transactions.

allcheckdeals, as the name suggests will take care of all legal/logistic hassles in real estate property transaction (for a transaction fee) [via]

The target market, I believe should be the NRI segment which has deep pocket$, wants to buy properties in India and yet not too confident of the deal validity.

Of course, this is a very high margin business and one decent deal can easily fetch ~5Lacs of transaction fee.

A startup in similar category:


Times Internet has partnered with Mobio for iMobiZo, mobile platform that enables mobile subscribers in India to access cricket or stock news, contests, astrology, jokes, songs, ringtones, or latest political and business news by downloading the app rom the web (source).

From the looks of it, iMobiZo is nicely done app for Times pages and hopefully will witness huge downloads.

What’s interesting about these developments?
The established players are launching vertical apps to cater to different market segments. In a way, it’s easy for them to market/brand these products, as they will use the existing sites for the same; but new launches sort of levels the playground for startups.

What do you think?

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