New launches: FundooTrip, SeaFolks

fundootrip.gifFundooTrip is a newly launched travel portal with pretty much the same set of features (i.e. one can book hotels/flights like any other travel site).
Only different thing about FundooTrip is that the site has lots of spelling errors (fundoo journey’s, funoo journey etc) and looks more like an affiliate site of makemytrip.

Search for an hotel/flight and notice the url:, which points to, which I believe is MMT’s affiliate site (’s whois info also points to mmt)
What’er it is, FundooTrip is of no use and has hardly any relevance. Worth a miss.
seafolks is a social networking site launched for Merchant Navy Officers across the world, working on ships and ashore as well. The site is a good collection of info about the lives of merchant navy/career related queries, and technical details of ships.

Why featured @ Well, I know that the site is not much of relevance to you and me, but this is purely a vertical social net and i hope to see more of such sites which are targeted towards a particular community (goes inline with my 2008 prediction)

What’s your take?

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