News Roundup: Number porting rules relaxed for users on new 2G network [No 90-days waiting period]

The telecom regulator has relaxed mobile number porting rules for subscribers on the new 2G operators’ network. Subscribers who are on the new player’s network need not wait for the mandatory 90-day period if they want to shift to another mobile service provider. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has taken this decision because the new players’ licences are scheduled to be cancelled by September 7, which is less than 90 days from now.[source]

DoT to roll out uniform revenue share across platforms from July 1

(DoT) plans to roll out the process of charging uniform licence fee or revenue share across all communication services from July 1, after it had deferred its plans to move to this new structure from the beginning of the current financial year, an official aware of the development said. The new regime will be introduced in a phased manner over a two-year period. [source]

India to take steps to protect cyber infrastructure

According to sources, the National Security Council(NSC) headed by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh would soon approve the comprehensive plan and designate the Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) and National Technical Research Organization (NTRO) as agencies for carrying out offensive cyber operations, if necessary. ..of an adversary carrying out offensive cyber attack, of bringing down a power grid, stalling air traffic control systems, or manipulating controls of a dam are now believed to be a real possibility.[source]

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