New Poll: Ebooks OR Dead-Tree Edition?


New Poll: Ebooks OR Dead-Tree Edition?

Today, Amazon announced the launch of its India store that only sells ebooks. While this is a bold move by Amazon,  Flipkart’s success(?) of Flyte is a proof that Indians do prefer to buy music online (so why not ebooks?).

We would like to understand from you on your preference with respect to ebooks vs. the dead tree edition, i.e. the physical copies.

Take the poll embedded in the post (if you are reading this on your feed reader, hop to the site and you will find the poll on the right sidebar) and help us understand your preference.

Indians are embracing tablets and smartphone devices. The need to consume on-the-go has increased and moreover, Kindle is also an Android app – i.e. you need not necessarily buy a Kindle to read the books. Plus, we are price sensitive – so cheaper options always works for us. Right?

We are still far far away from eBook revolution! Do Indians want to buy eBooks? Is there a pressing pain point? Who is comfortable with the form factors of ebook readers (including Kindle)?

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