Ahoy! The New Rupee Symbol [And Controversies/ Goof-Ups]

We earlier covered Indian Currency was set to get a new symbol, a privilege (unique identity) available only to major currencies like dollar, euro, pound, sterling and yen.

And today, the panel has chosen the new symbol, which is inline with what finance minister had envisioned.

Kumar’s symbol is an amalgam of the Devanagari ‘Ra’ and the Roman capital ‘R’ without the stem, very much in line with what Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee had envisioned. “We intend to formalise a symbol for the Indian rupee which reflects and captures Indian ethos and culture,” Mukherjee said in his Budget speech this year.


As per this report, the five-member panel has chosen IIT post-graduate D Udaya Kumar’s design from among five shortlisted symbols and recommended it for Cabinet.

The Controversy & Goof-ups.

In our earlier article, a commentor shared details of the RTI filed and surprisingly, the media reports of the chosen designs were not really the shortlisted ones.

The designs that actually won should have been disqualified on the basis of number of entries per person.

those who submitted more than two design entries instead of being disqualified of their bid for the competition, their entries were not only short listed as a valid entry but one of them were also short listed in top five finalists too. (via)

Non-eligible Candidate In “Indian Rupee Symbol” Design Competition

Leaving all the goof-ups aside, what’s your take on the new symbol?



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