Tradus revamps, launches new features including real time chat with sellers


Tradus revamps, launches new features including real time chat with sellers

ibibo group owned, that began life 18 months ago has now launched an array of features for its consumers. According to company insiders work on these began in early 2012 under project code #newTradus and includes a new logo, and features of real time chat with the retailers, rate the seller and a loyalty program.tradus-logo

Hello, anyone there?

As far as we remember with regard to the history of Indian e-commerce, it is for the first time in India that the online consumer will have the opportunity to interact directly with the seller via real time chat at Consumers can inquire about specific details and clear all doubts about a product they look forward to purchasing via the site. Presently, there are many sites that offer online chat but it is limited to customer service desks only.

To initiate chat, all the user has to do is to log in to the site and click on the green chat icon next to the name of a seller on any product page. If the icon is grey, it means the seller is not online at the moment. Since this is a new feature, not all sellers are enabled for chat. And you can contact to them for just about anything – to gather additional information, verify stock or bargain.

Am I good?

If you want to research/buy a product online one of the important factors considered are pricing, seller authenticity and past performance. Tradus seems to have understood the requirement well and is now showing all sellers offering a specific product on the product detail page itself. In addition to prices, one can also view their performance over the last 12 months. This seller rating is built on the well-understood 5-star system, where five means best and one means the worst rating. All individual seller ratings given by customers are crunched together and produced as an aggregate rating for each.

Loyalty is thy name

Loyalty points may not have done extremely well in Indian context but is gaming on the same. Its users will be rewarded with loyalty points each time they shop on the site. Called ‘xTrabucks’, the program comes with perpetual validity time span to be used as per consumers’ convenience. Once you have earned few xTrabucks, you can either redeem them against the next purchase or donate them to support a cause. For each xTrabuck you contribute, will add an equal amount of points to it and contribute it further to support underprivileged.

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