Introducing the new UnPluggd format

I am bored with (startup/tech) conferences.

They all have started to look same.

  • More speakers than attendees
  • Celebrity speakers who are too media-trained to be actually worth one’s ears.
  • No learning/takeaways.

I was so bored that I convinced the team to skip the summer edition of UnPluggd conference (first time since 2010!).

After a lot of first principle thinking and asking the most important set of questions (“Why did we start? What got us till here?”) and talking to a whole lot of fellow entrepreneurs, I am happy to announce the new format.

No Gyaawn. Only Vigyaan.

No Gyaaaaawn Only Vigyaan!

That is, learn the art and science of building great startups.

What does this really translate to?

UnPluggd has always been about actionable insights  – this time, we are taking it to a different level.

First and foremost, the guiding principle behind UnPluggd (and all of NextBigWhat’s conferences) has always been:


That is, our speakers always share their experience and learning (in their context) and not necessarily, a generic gyaan which may not work for others.

FYI: We clearly ask our speakers to never use “YOU SHOULD” in their session. The idea is very simple – what has worked for you may not work for others. 

Introducing: The New UnPluggd Format.

We are letting go of the standard conference format (which is a speaker giving gyaawn on the startup journey) and instead we are focusing on:


In short, what we are doing is we are bringing playbooks to you.

Every successful startup has one big badass competitive advantage – you will get to learn from these founders in a typical UnPluggd style – candid and to-the-point (PS: we have taken 18 minutes of duration from time-and-tested TED conferences).

Unlike any other conference, where speakers take a ‘SAGE ON STAGE’ approach, you will only hear founders speak from one of the below playbook topics:

  • Building a Sales Organization.
  • Building a Great Brand
  • Building a customer obsessed company.
  • Scaling up a great team
  • Building a Great Product
  • Managing perception / relationships (within teams/with investors etc).

Each of these playbooks will see a few founders (across B2C/B2B) going deep and sharing their experience. They won’t talk about anything else – no gyaawn, only vigyaan!

Hello, UnPluggd !

About UnPluggd

Date: November 23rd and 24th
Venue: Hotel Radisson Blu (Park Plaza), ORR, Bangalore
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