Short Take: The New Yahoo Mail With 1TB Storage

YahooHave you checked out the new Yahoo! Mail yet? It isn’t as disappointing as their logo. Go check it out, it should be live for everyone by now. Like for most people, my first e-mail address was Yahoo. I later ditched it for Gmail. After many years, I signed into my old account this morning and I can see myself living with it for a while. That doesn’t imply that I’m going to ditch Gmail. Here’s what’s likable about the New Yahoo mail.

1. Yahoo Mail App!

The Yahoo mail app is pretty handy. It works for Android, iOS & Windows. The app has a clean interface and is easy to use and setup. It took a while for it to sync though.

2. The web interface

The web interface is again very clean, except for the display advertisement that pops up in your inbox. It is also snappy. I’m not a big fan of themes, but I can see people liking it. Now there are a few people out there saying that it looks like Gmail. There are certain similarities. But really, how does it matter to the user?

3. Storage

Yahoo is giving you 1TB of storage! That’s way bigger than what Gmail has on offer.