Of New Year Diaries and a surprising poll result : Apps have got no significant takers

We started a poll last week asking our readers whether they will buy a new year diary this year, as our hypothesis was that mobile/tablet apps have replaced the diaries (just the way calculators are losing out to mobiles and laptops).

And how wrong we were!

Out of 1,000+ votes, 89% of you will go ahead and buy a diary!!

As far as reasons for buying are concerned, there is a fair distribution in terms of reasons for buying, though 33% of you agree that buying a new year diary has become a habit even though you may not use it.

Why buy new year diary?
Why buy new year diary?

What about the rest of you?

Of those who have stopped buying diaries, 40% have switched to apps and importantly, 18.8% are waiting for someone to gift them a diary! 🙂

Y U No Buy diary?
Y U No Buy diary?

Our hypothesis (and that’s why we conducted this poll) was that a LOT of you have already switched to apps, but results speak for itself.

What this also means is that a lot of us haven’t embraced apps like they do in the west.

What are your thoughts?

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