Burrp gets into print, launches New Year Gig Guide

Burrp has been an interesting community play for lifestyle category business – but the sad part of the same is monetization opportunity associated with that (highly dependent on advertising, which surely isn’t the most optimum way to monetize the content).

Today Burrp has announced their first print foray

“..we have officially taken our very first baby steps into the world of print media.As should be expected, this is by no means over. In fact, we will be announcing some very big things and very early in the next year.” [blog]

Burrp City Guide

I believe, Burrp’s online service has reached some sort of ceiling, as they have launched the portal in all of the major cities and given their positioning, they won’t be able to monetize the way pure search players can (i.e. lead generation).
Infact, growing UUs (unique users) beyond a certain point is also quite a big deal – that’s why they have been launching new portals (movies is on the cards) in the name of lifestyle business.

Burrp Traffic (Comscore)
Burrp Traffic (Comscore)

And that’s why a print guide (city guides for lifestyle businesses/events) will be a super good option for Burrp and given the great community that they have, they can surely be the ‘most credible’ choice for finding good restaurants and related services.

And guess what, people will pay for these city guides!

What’s your opinion?

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