News Roundup: Nimbuzz to relocate global headquarters to India


News Roundup: Nimbuzz to relocate global headquarters to India

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India’s proposed spectrum prices may be close to what carriers in the US and Europe have paid in spectrum bids over the past two-three years, but when the ARPU is taken into account to work out the purchasing power parity of operators, Trai’s prices on “a per unit per inhabitant basis” look steep.

Calculations factoring in the ARPU variance suggest that India’s 2G spectrum in the 1,800 MHz band is 44 times costlier than the price discovered in Singapore last year. [source]

Computer makers to raise prices by month-end

Weakening rupee against dollar is leading major personal computer manufacturers in India to increase prices of their products. Companies such as Acer India, Hewlett Packard (HP) India and Dell India are facing the reality of rupee depreciation, which they think would continue at this level of Rs 54-56 against the dollar for at least next few months. [source]

Augere Wireless set to sell its 4G spectrum, quit India

Augere Wireless, a company backed by France Telecom and private equity funds, is set to sell its 4G spectrum in two states and quit India, as regulatory uncertainty has forced its investors to hang up on the country. The company has blamed the regulatory uncertainties surrounding India’s telecoms sector and said it had resulted in the company ‘being unable to raise funds from both national and international investors’. [source]

No escape for Vodafone as government puts its name in report on black money

Vodafone tax case found a mention in the “White paper on black money” tabled by the government in Parliament on Monday, suggesting that finance ministry intends to go after the company once the retrospective amendment to the income tax act is approved by the President. [source]

Nimbuzz to relocate global headquarters to India

Nimbuzz is relocating its global headquarters to India, which accounts for a fifth of its 90 million customers. The company has also announced a restructuring of its top deck, appointing Indians in key positions earlier held by Dutch nationals. These include the appointment of Vikas Saxena, a former top executive at Aircel, as the CEO of its India operations.

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