Startup NewsCo Brings Curated News to the Wild Web : Quick Summaries That Saves Time

With so much content available online today, it’s increasingly difficult and time-consuming to find the content we want. The role of curator is often underplayed and this is where NewsCo comes into the picture. is a free online news service that aggregates news from the various online news websites and ranks them according to popularity across various social media.

NewsCo: Curated News
NewsCo: Curated News

As per the founding team which has experience in working at Apple/Facebook, NewsCo evaluates multiple news source, blogosphere, social media and many other attributes of a story every day and identify few stories which will be interesting to the visitors.

What’s the big deal? Well, NewsCo brings a curated/summarized view of the news. The company uses Machine Learning algorithms to extract the most relevant text from the story to present a nice summary a very crisp easy to understand.

NewsCo: Story Highlights Says it all
NewsCo: Story Highlights Says it all

Currently, there is no personalization built-in and NewsCo cofounder, Sunil shares that in the next couple of iterations, they will enable users to choose his/her news sources and categories.

Right now, the startup looks at various aspects for determining the importance of a news – parameters ranging from Facebook likes and shares, Twitter tweets and re-tweets to Google plus activity.

To a very large extent, NewsCo competes with Google News, but with a clear differentiation on the way news is currently being displayed. The founders see NewsCo becoming a destination service – just the way, was in the early days of web. That is, one-stop place to discover news related to your taste.

Given the amount of content being produced on the web, NewsCo definitely is a great way to look at curation – just that the team needs to ensure that they aren’t competing (especially on SEO etc) with the original source. That is, the aggregator needs to bring a bigger value and traffic to the publishers – that’s when they have a muscle power (for example : NewsHunt).

Maybe, this is an app-first idea? (yeah, the team has launched its Android app), after all consumption habits are shifting towards the mobile. What are your thoughts?

A similar service, Newsinshorts has recently being incubated at Times Internet’s TLabs.

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