NewsHunt Acquires, Ecommerce Recommendation Platform

NewsHunt has acquired New Delhi based Rocket Science Innovations Private Limited, which runs an ecommerce recommendation platform called BuyT ContentLink.


Going forward, the BuyT team is expected to play a crucial role in building the next generation platform for NewsHunt by integrating shopping & commerce options for local language users on the NewsHunt Platform, to add to BuyT’s huge network of content publishers.

Founded in 2012 by Yogesh Tomar and Biswanath Patel, BuyT‘s proprietary product discovery and recommendation platform, ContentLink has been rolled out with marquee Indian publishers and media houses and serves over 3 million recommendations per day to 30 million uniques, with Rs. 300+ crore annualized GMV being driven to leading e commerce merchants.

The BuyT team has seamlessly integrated content with commerce by making product recommendation available at the point of consumer research on leading publisher platforms.

The platform parses near realtime all major commerce sites in India for product updates and on the other end, analyzes context and user behavior on content pages and offers a rich, seamless ecommerce experience through its native, contextual, in-content widgets.