NewsHunt Launches Magazine Singles; 1.5 million eBooks Downloaded in 3 Months

NewshuntNewsHunt, the fast growing reading app from India has tied up the Delhi Press to launch magazines such as The Caravan, Manohar Kahaniyan and Saras Salil as magazine eSingles.

Users can buy magazine singles or subscribe to complete issues. What’s amazing is the number of magazines it has sold already. Within the first 10 days, the app sold over 5,000 magazines!

“We are now working with Delhi Press to offer content from all the group’s 37 magazines on our app,” NewsHunt said.

Carrier Billing

NewsHunt sells these magazines using carrier billing. That is, when a user buys a magazine, the carrier bills the user. With e-books, NewsHunt is up against the likes of Amazon, Google, Flipkart and Apple. None of the others offer carrier billing yet. Since these magazines, especially singles, are sold for as little as Rs 3, carrier billing makes a lot of sense.

Growth of NewsHunt

One of the few app success stories from India, NewsHunt has crossed 40M installs and is doing little over 1.4B page views a month. In November 2013, NewsHunt had launched eBooks. So far, 1.5M eBooks have been downloaded on the app. At that time, the app was clocking 1 billion page views a month.

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