NewsReel [Oct 3rd]: Microsoft to launch its own news operation


NewsReel [Oct 3rd]: Microsoft to launch its own news operation

Here goes the daily Newsreel, our daily news roundup of interesting posts around the wild web.

– GSF Accelerator has inducted twelve serial entrepreneurs and executives as Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EIRs), read complete post here. Scaling incubators the next big thing?

– Microsoft Corp is launching its own news operation as part of its new-look MSN website when Windows 8 launches later this month, read complete post here. After Internet Explorer 10 and very own news service – what else will come with Windows 8 launch?

– Google has  announced that Google Apps for Business, Education and Government customers can now call and email the company with their questions about Chrome, read complete post here. Cool, finally Google has taken some steps towards improving otherwise struggling support for consumers.

–  TripAdvisor, one of the the world’s largest travel sites announced that it has acquired Wanderfly, a travel inspiration site, read complete post here. Hmm, TripAdvisor seems to be gearing up for integrating social travel planning.

– Accenture Plc said it bought certain internet protocol television (IPTV) assets from Nokia Siemens Networks to bolster its online video capabilities, read complete post here. Nokia giving up on IPTV? Accenture thinks there’s enterprise value.

– MidAmerican Wind announced the purchase of two wind projects from California Highwind Power, a subsidiary of Terra-Gen Power, read complete post here. Warren Buffet thinks Wind energy will be a big bet!

– Google Inc’s Motorola Mobility announced that it has withdrawn a patent infringement complaint that it filed against Apple with the U.S. International Trade Commission, read complete post here. Great, some relief for Apple but question remains when Samsung and Apple to get relief from each-other’s patent allegations?

– Nokia has been exploring the sale of company-owned real estate to make its balance sheet look better.The plans include exploring a sale of its HQ by the Baltic Sea, read complete post here. Nokia looking to sell its HQ!!? Things that desperate, huh?

– Google is planning to announce the debut of Street View images to its mobile Google Maps Web app this week, read complete post here. Following Apple’s iOS 6 map failure, Google seems to be strengthening its control on mobile maps.

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