NewsReel [Sep 27th] : Reddit users attempt to shame Sikh woman, Facebook deletes fake likes and more

Here goes the daily Newsreel, our daily roundup on the other news we thought we should share:

– Android has crossed mark of 25 billion downloads from Google Play, read complete story here. Hurry, grab your favourite apps as Google is offering some discounts over next five days to celebrate this milestone.

– Apple and Google’s Maps controversy on iOS 6 was apparently caused by an inability of the two companies to see on one key feature – turn by turn navigation, read complete story here. Google  Maps has always been possessive about turn by turn navigation.

– Many Silicon Valley tech-savvy residents no longer hail taxis, opting instead to find a ride by tapping on a geo-located mobile app, read complete story here. What’s next flying through apps??

Balpreet Kaur

– Reddit users attempt to shame Sikh woman, get righteously schooled, read complete story here.

– For brand marketers looking to figure out whether or not their Twitter investments are paying off, metric are a big challenge, read complete post here.

– Independent data suggests that Facebook has begun deleting fake page “likes”, read complete post here.