NextBigWhat And HackerRank Partner to Make Hiring Easy for Tech Startups

NextBigWhat is happy to announce that we have teamed up with HackerRank to offer HackerRank’s hiring platform to Indian startups who have received under USD 3 million in funding or are earning under USD 1 million in revenue.

The plan is free for Indian Startups (who meet the above critera) and we certainly believe this will help them hire the right candidates.

Being a connector in the startup ecosystem, NextBigWhat strives to make it easy for entrepreneurs to focus on building their products and this partnership is a step towards that.

Having gone through this phase ourselves, we understand how difficult it can be for startups to hire top talent and this is especially true for tech startups.  Each year, companies lose a lot of money in making a wrong hire simply because a programmer’s experience stated on the resume cannot determine actual programming skill. This is what motivated us to provide such an offering. [HackerRank team]

HackerRankX, formerly known as Interviewstreet, enables companies to make technical recruitment (both campus and lateral) and brings a lot more efficient by helping them save time and cost through an effective screening platform.

Startups who are interested in availing this offer can apply directly from this form (link). Once the company is deemed eligible for availing this offer, HackerRank team would reach out immediately and move the conversation forward.\

Happy Hiring!

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