Nexus 7 launching in India this week : 16GB for INR 19,981

ASUS is launching Nexus 7 in India tomorrow and the price of the device is INR 19,900 for 16GB.

Nexus devices are closest to what Google offers to the hardware and the software bundle of Apple found in its ecosystem. No matter which high end smartphone you buy and use for the Android ecosystem, you are bound to be disappointed for some reason, varying from the bloatware by the OEMs to the fragmentation of the ecosystem to the the most pressing problem of all, the lack of timely updates for the devices.

It was then that Google started the Nexus program to offer OEMs a chance to create the next flagship device, serving as the standard and showing off the potential for the entire ecosystem.

Google now has a portfolio which in the words of Matias Duarte (Director of User Experience at Android) is worthy of the Nexus branding. The portfolio includes the tablets Nexus 7 & 10 along with the flagship phone Nexus 4.

Nexus 7 in India

Asus recently revealed that it is selling nearly a million Nexus 7 devices a month, which is pretty huge for a device which is not an iPad.

The company earlier announced availability of Nexus 7 in India by November and given that Diwali is round the corner, it definitely makes perfect sense to launch a flagship device when people are willing to spend money.

As far as India launch is concerned, Croma is the official retailer for Nexus 7 and pricing surely a dampener. In the US the 16GB version costs $199, but after adding the sales tax and the cost of importing, the device in India it stands at somewhere around INR 15,000. It is quite plausible that pretty soon we might see a lower price for the device here in India too as the price right now is the suggested price.

There is no information right now on the availability of the 32GB version ( both Wi-Fi only and 3G )

Given the availability of low cost Android devices, Nexus 7 surely needs better branding in markets like India.

What are your thoughts? Are you planning to buy Nexus 7 or simply wait for iPad mini which is also rumored to be launching India in the month of November.

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