Nexus Invests $10mn in Commodity Trading Software firm, Eka


Nexus Invests $10mn in Commodity Trading Software firm, Eka

Nexus Venture Partner has invested $10mn in Eka, a commodity trading solution company.

Eka was earlier seed funded by the GP Group and the company offerings help buyers, sellers and traders of commodities better manage their business across physical trading, risk management, derivatives, logistics, inventory and P&L. Eka’s clients include AWB, CHS, Louis Dreyfus and others who have deployed its products across a cross section of businesses, commodities and geographies.default_09[1]

The Eka Commodity Trade & Risk Management (CTRM) Solution covers the complete lifecycle of both physical and financial commodity contracts. The multi-commodity, highly flexible and comprehensive application recognizes the important differences between different commodity groups (metals vs. softs vs. renewables) and segments (traders, processors, exporters, etc).


Nexus Venture Partners (earlier known as Nexus India Capital) has raised $320mn across two funds and some of their investments include Komli, Suminter and Dlight.

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