NFTs are a fad or cool thing? An artist shares his take

ok so you hate NFTs. cool, let’s talk about it. i’m not gonna convince you, but at least i can offer the perspective of an artist who has been involved in the space since 2017 before any of you heard about it.
a lot of people seem to miss that the entire point of NFTs is to make content FREE while making ownership scarce. nobody is forcing you to pay for an NFT, you can still enjoy it FOR FREE alongside everybody else. you like my music? you can have it for free.
this is a drastic economic shift and it flips the entire model that we’ve grown accustomed to. a model that has held back several generations of artists predating the internet. this is a profound change.
i think of NFTs as a pseudo file format. it’s completely open to anybody. because of this there is a very wide spectrum of projects that have surfaced. some great, some not so great. this is how the internet works. it’s up to the individual to filter through these.
claiming all NFTs are a scam is about as tone deaf and uninformed as it gets. it’s pure ignorance. it’s like saying all cheese is bad, or that all music sucks. yeah, some are bad, but like anything, there are tasteful and smart and interesting ways to do anything.
we’re in the first real wave of mainstream adoption and the tech is still kinda janky and some questionable projects are having success. the market has not weeded those out yet because we’re in year 1 of a multi decade wave.
do you think a 10k pfp project is a ponzi? here’s a thought, don’t buy it. if you squint hard enough, literally everything is a ponzi. every person that took econ 101 is now suddenly an expert. stock market, the US dollar, etc..
i’ve personally taken a more fine art collector first kind of approach than mass marketing my NFTs. it’s more of my speed and i can focus on a smaller subset of people. I have 3.5 million unique listeners per month on spotify, yet I made more income from 5 collectors.
am I scamming them? would you like to ask them? @pablorfraile @etyoung @artoninternet @33NFT @MaxStealth5 i put everything i have into creating something that is moving and artistic with @reisingerandres and we just sold a piece alongside banksy and basquiat.
meanwhile web2 platforms *cough* @itchio *cough* that exploit gamers and their makers come out saying it’s a scam. it’s not a scam, it just makes them irrelevant.
we don’t need to convince you to join the revolution. just continue to enjoy the free content we make for you, except this time we’re actually getting paid for it. how that is offensive, i do not know.
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