Nibble, bite, snack meal: What’s your content strategy?

Nibble, bite, snack meal: the simplest way to think about how you can turn one core asset (like a case study) into a full campaign of content.

Progressively deeper assets suited to difference ‘appetites’ of your leads, prospects, and clients.

Let’s break out an example:

Nibble = testimonial blurbs, social posts, audiogram clips

These are the ultra-quick-hit pieces for creating awareness in places like ads/social or generating social proof in the context of larger assets (like landing pages)

Bite = a little more detail to whet the appetite of a new lead or client upsell with more detail on the story itself.

Here, slide decks, short videos, and one-sheets play nicely for cold outreach, nurture sequences, onsite content, etc.

Snack = Enough detail to be dangerous. Your audience is hungry for detail, but they’re not read to tuck into a giant, meaty asset.

@casestudybuddy’s ‘Snapshot’ format (650 words), short videos, or assets like a Q&A blog post can all make for compelling content in this range.

Finally, the meal!

You’ve got a lead or client with the most attention to devote, interested in the most possible detail. This is where that deep-dive piece like our Narrative (up to 1,750 or so words) or long-form video (2 – 3 minutes) will really satiate the hunger.

We pivoted recently to help clients build out full campaigns of content in this fashion around their customer stories.

Result: More assets, more cost-effective production, and most importantly: MORE ROI across MORE places in the buyer’s journey.

Why tell one story, one way?

Especially with something like a case study, all of the administration and coordination around the interview, writing/filming, reviews, approvals, etc. is not going to go away.

Why would you go through all of that and only make ONE thing? It makes no sense.

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