Nivio, Airtel and Microsoft team up for Online PC


Few days back, we covered Airtel’s ambition of being the CIO in the cloud, i.e. provide SaaS services to SMBs and here comes the first installment – Airtel’s online PC.

Nivio, Airtel and Microsoft have launched the so-called /claimed “world’s first online PC” that provides access to a personal virtual desktop from any computer connected to the internet for Airtel broadband customers.

Features of Airtel’s Online Desktop

  • 5 GB space to store documents, photos, music, presentations, software.
  • Original and latest software on a rental basis (pay as you go model)
  • Free Anti-Virus protection, Unified billing with service usage included in monthly Airtel broadband bill.

Pricing of Airtel’s Online Desktop

  • For Rs. 99 per month, customers get 5 GB of online storage space
  • At Rs. 199 per month (Retail Pack), customers get 5 GB of online storage space, free Anti Virus protection, Windows-based operating system, automatic backup -accessible from anywhere in the world
  • Professional and Business Packs at Rs. 399 and Rs. 699 per month respectively that provide a Windows-based Operating System and MS Office

What’s interesting is Microsoft’s involvement in this partnership – they have Live Skydrive as well as Live products suite – which, in a way competes with Nivio’s storage service (note that Nivio’s competing service, YouOS has now been shutdown).

Also, Google/Airtel have a cozy relationship, but MS has been able to push it’s OS and office apps in the combo – so expect more bullfight between the two companies.
What’s your opinion on this deal?

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