No Bag Day: Schools in Mangalore are experimenting with a change

It is estimated that 68% of school children under the age of 13 years across India may suffer from mild back pain, which can develop into chronic pain and later into hunchback.

Kids carrying school bags.

Few schools in Mangaluru (south Karnataka) have decided to try out a new concept. They have decided to celebrate Dec 23rd as No-Bag day.
But then, even before the formal day, 50 schools in Sulia have already experimented making Dec 16th as No-Bag day.

So what do kids do on a no-bag day?

They revise what they learnt during the week in most innovative ways. It can be in the form of an act or a drama. It is tough for teachers – but is definitely worth it.
At least 50 schools have launched the concept ‘No Bag Day’ on December 16 and the feedback has been positive. On this day, students are made to revise . Going by the feedback, children are enjoying the new form of learning. Some parents called up schools and shared their worries. However, activity-based learning means more pressure on teachers. (source)
Pure awesome, isn’t it? What’s stopping more schools from trying this?
Instead we are giving in to tech and asking kids to bring their tablets. Talk about priorities?
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