No Red Beacons from May 1st; this is such a mindblowing decision by the govt.

Starting May 1st, you won’t find red beacons (= laal batti) on VIP cars.

Laal Batti : Every Indian is special !!
Laal Batti : Every Indian is special !!

And this includes not just the President, but the PM and the Chief Justice of India too.
“There will be no exceptions,” said Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. He announced that only emergency vehicles like fire engines, ambulances and police vans can have beacons.

What happens to several IAS and politics aspirants whose only dream was to be in that ‘lal batti’ car? Well, you need to respect Modi govt for ensuring a level field. This is such a big decision that will impact several (power hungry) generations.

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