Noida Police Lodges Cheating Case On Ringing Bell After A MP Alleges It As A Ponzi Scam

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Noida Police Lodges Cheating Case On Ringing Bell After A MP Alleges It As A Ponzi Scam

Noida-based company Ringing Bells- manufacturer of “Freedom 251” seems to be the cynosure of all trouble!

Based on a complaint by BJP MP Kirit Somaiyya alleging that the company is a ‘ponzi bogus company scam’, Noida police has registered an FIR against Ringing Bells for cheating customers.

Somaiyya further urged Police freeze the firm’s account to protect gullible buyers and blamed the company of putting up misleading advertisements by using words such as Make in India, Digital India and Skill India. MP from Mumbai, also has approached telecom ministry, telecom regulator TRAI, consumer ministry, Sebi, corporate ministry, finance ministry, RBI and state governments to check various concerns that he has on company offering mobile phone for Rs 251.

Mohit Goel, director of Ringing Bells has in the meanwhile assured of complete cooperation with government officials.

“We remain committed to cooperate with any government agency that may require to inquire our organisation for any reason or suspicion. I do maintain that we will deliver the most affordable quality products to our customers through our various range of smart phones including the Freedom 251,” added Mohit.

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